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The device comes in an MD or Pro

The Pro is  $2795 US Plus freight

MD has a more powerful motor generating more revs. It delivers a deeper microchannelling treatment at $3295 US plus freight

Microchannelling treatment packs (from catalogue)

Treatment packs that include tips, serums and face masks are available

SERUMS and Cosmaceuticals

Category: Beauty

Procell’s extraordinary microchannelling device is hailed as microneedling evolved. Microchanelling is a good compliment to light laser therapy for pigmentation and also plasma fibroblast for wrinkle reduction. The modalities are complimentary. The device is used with pre-set tips for the face or body and can be ordered to be set at .25mm, .5 or 1 mm.

The setting at .25 is perfectly adequate for most skin rejuvenation treatments and does not draw blood or cause the client to have downtime. The face may be slightly red afterwards but usually only for an hour or so. It is designed to be used in conjunction with treatment serums and masks included in the treatment pack. It is far less invasive than other modalities. Microchannelling is highly effective on acne scarring, wrinkled skin, pigmentation and rosacea.

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