Oz Apitherapy Spa is available for health and wellness treatments using bee-medicine: Organic honey, propolis, bee pollen and bee venom. Apitherapy is well known throughout the world for the treatment of arthritis, psoriasis eczema and anti-ageing. Patients sufering from difficult to treat illnesses such as Lyme disease or cancer achieve positive results. If you would like to atteattend Oz Apitherapy Spa to receive any of these treatments, please contact us and make an appointment.

Dr Bridget Goodwin (PhD)

Dr Bridget Goodwin (PhD) completed a Post Doctoral Diploma in Integrative Medicine in 2023. Her research was on the Treatment of Various Forms of Cancer with Bee Venom and Photodynamic Therapy. She has also completed diplomas in Apitherapy, herbal medicine, medicinal cannabis, health sciences,  multiple skin rejuvenation treatments and has a full Laser License.

Dr Goodwin is a member of the Scientific Committee of APIMONDIA and a Council member of Speciality Apitherapy on the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.

She is a founder and President of the Australian Apitherapy Association and regularly hosts international conferences on Apitherapy.

In responsive to growing interest in education about the exploding field of Apitherapy, Dr Goodwin recently completed development of the educational platform https://apiuniversity.carrd.co/

Dr Goodwin recently completed an extensive study tour of China where Apitherapy is routinely practised in mainstream hospitals. She has developed a special training course on Apitherapy in China on https://apiuniversity.carrd.co/