Apitherapy; bee and bee products as a complementary application method in the treatment of certain diseases and protective. The primary bee products are honey, beeswax, bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly, apilarnil and bee venom.


Apitherapy, which is the foundation for our SPA, is a method for prevention, care and treatment using bee-derived products such as bee honey, propolis (bee putty), bee pollen, bee milk, putty. Bee-derived products provide a variety of precious qualities such as anti-bacterial, regenerating (speeding cell recreation), detoxifying, immunological, soothing powers. They affect the whole body making the whole body feel better, keeping the body healthy and in good shape, supporting brain activity and reducing stress.


Within apitherapy we prepared for example:

  • Cleansing-smoothing compresses with honey in the world-only Apitarium – a special honey-herbal bath;
  • Strongly vitalizing massage with honey or bee-pollen;
  • Anti-stress session in Apiforium;
  • Cleopatra’s relaxing bath in milk and honey;
  • Honey workshop with tasting in Apiteka.

We draw from nature, using not only honey and bee-derived products, but also other natural substances – salt, aloe, milk, grapes, chocolate, noble clay and herbs.

Moreover, we use modern technologies in order to create comprehensive and effective programs aimed at a specific goal. For cooperation, we chose the cosmetic brands that guarantee high quality and measurable effect of SPA treatments.