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SmoothCool 21st Century IPL

Beauty Blast is proud to be a representative for the most sophisticated IPL system in the world. The SmoothCool system from Jeisys combines the advantage of up to 8 different wavelength filters with sub zero skin cooling to produce safe, versatile and effective IPL treatements for:

  • Hair Removal
  • Photo Rejuvenation
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Rosacea
  • Photo Damage
  • Lentigenes
  • Acne
  • Photo Dynamic Therapy

The SmoothCool Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation system is proven to be a best in class player, but at an affordable price, with minimal disposables cost.

SmoothCool’s built-in refrigerant based IPL chiller is just one of the features that Makes it a better choice for the sophisticated skin care clinic. Unlike existing technologies, SmoothCool has on board sub zero chilling which eliminates the need for a Zimmer Chiller, (or frees yours up for other duties) and allows for the optimal energy delivery to the full spectrum of skin imperfections safely.

Hair removal with IPL is finally able to rival any hair removal LASER in both speed and efficacy with SmoothCool. It’s faster, covers larger areas, and removes both the deepest and most superficial hair follicles with little discomfort and unrivaled safety.

About SmoothCool’s “ATC” Chilling Technology: SmoothCools’s on board ATC (Automatic Temperature Controller) feature is the coldest IPL chiller solution available for body and facial hair removal such as female upper lip hair, providing perfect protection of the epidermis. The hand piece of the Smooth Cool system cools the skin quickly, which protects the skin from thermal injury. Smooth Cool with ATC provides the best cooling advancement known to date.

The Advantages of SmoothCool

  • Effective Pre-Set Parameters
  • Variable Pulse Shape
  • On Board Sub Zero Skin Cooling
  • High Peak Power
  • Faster Treatment Times
  • Deepest & Broadest Light Penetration
  • Up to 8 Wavelength Filters

    SmoothCool Specifications

    Wavelength 8 filters – 415 – 950㎚
    Pulse Duration 10,15,30,40㎳
    Fluence 10~70J/㎠
    Power 110VAC
    Spot Size 10×50㎜
    Repetition Rate Up to 1㎐
    Cooling Means Refrigerant Cooling
    Peak Power 3,000W
    Contact Cooling -10 ~ 0℃


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